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good bookThis site has been created for kids….BY kids! It’s designed to be a place for kids to find something inspiring to read when they are facing LIFE. Life can be tough as you grow up, but the Bible has the answers you are looking for…you just have to spend time with God to know Him and His plan for you! We hope that by reading these devotions, we can help lead you in that direction!

This website was started by Jackson, a 5th grader in Sugar Land TX who wanted to impact other kids in this journey we call “life!” He has a strong faith, and loves reading the Bible and other devotionals. He loves his church, his school, his family (yes….even his 3 little brothers!) but knew that he wanted to make a bigger impact than those just right around him.  After searching the internet, Jackson found that there aren’t any other sites with kids devotionals written BY kids FOR kids. And so, he put his pen to paper….and started writing devotionals of his own.  His goal is to pass on his personal devotions that he’s written….hopefully encouraging other kids to fall more in love with Jesus Christ. This site is still evolving – but our hope is that one day it will be filled by devotions written by kids of all ages – all across the country – who want to share their love of Christ and their desire to help lead others.

We hope that you enjoy this site – and if you feel led to write your own devotion, please email us your submission at All devotions must be written by kids – ages 18 and under. We have a team of Christian journalists (along with Jackson!) who would love to see what you have written, and possibly even post it on this website. If you would like some guidelines on how to go about doing that, please click on the tab “Writing a Devotion”

Happy Reading and Many Blessings to you and your family,

Jackson and Family

Sugar Land, TX